As of yesterday The husband exited the Teaching profession. His P45 will be in the post. This is all good stuff. He’s been waiting and the waiting paid off. However. His work now will be home based. This will shake up our world as we know it – territories are being threatened. I know for a fact he’ll be on the loo when I need it. I’m pretty sure the last chocolate digestive will magically disappear. I even fear…But will fight it to the death – that sky sports will become the background noise in what was my sanctuary of peace when I was not at work and while the kids were at school.

I feel it would be appropriate helpful absolutely necessary to draw up a written agreement outlining the Husband’s rights, responsibilites and restrictions in his new place of work. It won’t be pretty.

This will not dampen my enthusiasm for the new year. I grab any opportunities for fresh new opportunies, challenges, perspectives. I was the kid that got excited over new exercise books at school. Maybe this enthusiasm is intensified because over the past three months there has been a lot of time that I have had to be still. For someone who is go go go, this stillness makes you think a lot. So I have a load of 2012 challenges for me to get stuck into and a handful of 2012 wishes that are out of my control but choosing to hope they’ll happen anyway. I am yet again going to attempt the photo 52 challenge, this time giving it my best shot.


My baby will start school

Me mother will turn the big 6-0

I will step into the last year of my twenties.

We may possibly have our first ever term-time holiday as a family (please Lord!)

This year I have no doubt that the kids and Youth ministry at Emmanuel will see me stretched, frazzled, intimidated frightened and bamboozled, but mostly feeling completely privileged to be doing what I do.

Here’s to a year of possibilty, choosing the right perspective and grabbing opportunities to really make it count.


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