This evening….

This evening I am…

waiting for the girls to stop chattering and fall asleep so I can curl up with a new magazine and a cup of coffee.

pretty darned pleased with Chloe’s new fringe, cut in by yours truly.

looking forward to working at the nursery tomorrow.

pretending to be cross that my bathroom scales aren’t working, when I’m secretly a bit very relieved.

wondering how much I can save on food shopping this month to speed up the savings for a puppy.

Thinking about our young people as The Big Questions is launched tonight.

Grateful to have my camera back, having left it in Yorkshire last week. Ooops and phew in equal measures: I thought Id lost it.

Radiator-drying school and work uniforms because we’ve been away all weekend.

still wondering where that warm weather came from, but less wiereded out now because it’s raining again. Ah, sweet English Autumn.


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