This last week of August is always the same, right? As a teenager we camped during this week and it was always cold and wet. Looking out of the window this morning you’d think we’d already said goodbye to the summer month. I thought I’d be sad to see the back of summer, but I’m kinda ready for autumn. I’ve loved having the last month together as a family but I’m ready for a little more routine. I do well with routine. I like to know where I’m at with things.

Not wanting to wish away the last slice of summer I want to be purposeful with our time. This is hard when there’s so much to do and think about. But some time out of the house and into the fresh air will be good for the soul. And it’ll tire the girls out too. Bonus.

Maybe if the weather is kind, we’ll have a bank holiday out and about, shunning the jobs list for just a little while.

Jasper is becoming mmore confident every day. He’s nosy and totally mischevious, hopping up to say hi if you’re on the floor. Well he doesn’t actually say hi. But you can tell he’s thinking it.

Ruby was up in the night and veeeeeeery grumpy this morning. so we stayed back at home while The husband and Chloe went to church.

There’s Pie in the oven (I’d love to say I’d baked the whole thing from scratch but I’d be lying), Roo is playing happily, Jasper is cleaning himself. Sigh. It’s all good.


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