whistle stop tour of August

You know you need to get writing when your friends ask when your next post will be coming.

its been a busy month. I thought i’d be able to catch my breath but you blink and before you know it, it’s nearly september.

The month kicked off with a christian youth camp. We had a little group of the most awesome teenagers.

Before we went I was starting to think I’d bitten off more than I could chew, taking the teenagers, our two girls who are under 6 and being in charge of cooking without electricity…gulp. But it was all good. The weather was a-mazing. Did not rain once. That helped! We didn’t have one harmone fuelled tantrum and the young people took our girls under their wings.

We were back for two days and drove over to Whitby for a weekend with friends. We stayed in a huge old house, walked in the rain, played boggle, ate fish and chips, went on a not-so-gentle boat trip and laughed at Siobhan on the not-so-gentle boat trip.

We drove straight from Whitby (quite easily may I add – thanks to our friends lending us their sat nav – thats a whole other post!) to my parents house in the North East. Farms were visited, shops were….shopped at, faces were painted, duckes were fed and birthdays were celebrated.

So Ruby is three now. she has said adios to her dummy, something that had The husband and I quaking in our boots but she’s been great about it. My baby is growing up.

We came home, ready to make an addition to our family…

Meet Jasper! He is the worlds most awesome rabbit. More on that later.

photos to go up onto my project 52 page soon.

Peace out.

H x


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