day tripper

Today were had a visitor that hasn’t been in our home for a while.

The afternoon nap.

Oh how I’ve missed the afternoon nap!

Ruby has been really grumpy around tea time for the last couple days and so I thought she might need some catch-up sleep. she didn’t need to be asked twice.

That afternoon-nap hour is magical. Somehow you can get more done in that hour than you can do in a whole day with a little one running arround and leaving a trail of chaos in their wake.

I’d love the afternoon nap to hang aorund for a while. I’d get involved and catch 40 winks myself. I think those on the continent have got it right with the siestas.

Sadly the afternoon nap was only a day tripper. The consequences of an extended stay would involve long term hyperactivity at bed time. And that my friends is not an option. So we bade farewell to the afternoon nap and saw him on his way before we got used to having him around. He’ll probably pop back at some point. But only as a day tripper.


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