doing nothing and thinking too much!

So I’ve been housebound for four days with some stupid virus that has made my body hurt. There’s been a lot of time of doing nothing. A lot of nothing. Of course when you’re not busy doing everything and anything, you get the space to think. And reflect. And dream. I spent an hours looking decorating my house in my head.

I missed Chloe’s first sports day. Uh.

Thats her on the right. My baby can run!

And for another first, She’s on her first school trip to the zoo today. Which means her first coach ride. I hope hope she’s not sick.

All these ‘firsts’ got me thinking of how fast she’s growing. How fast both my girls are growing. I tease chloe sometimes with a mock cross voice saying that she’s supposed to stop growing up so quick. Then she tells me that I make her feel bad for growing so I then I stop. I call Ruby ‘Baby’ and she reminds me she’s ‘Ruby Lizabef stuuuuuad’. I stand corrected on both accounts.

The fact is they’re not babies anymore. Man alive, ruby’s not even a toddler anymore.

You know your baby is not a baby anymore when:

1. You realise you havn’t been to Mothercare in a long time.
2. You fall into bed at the end of the day without that dread of the night ahead.
3. You don’t flinch when your child is up to the eyes in mud when you know you’d once have freaked if anything unsterilised was within 5 feet of your little darling.
4. It takes you less than 5 hours to leave the house.
5. You’re swapping baby furniture for full-on single beds.
6. At the dinner table your child tells you they have a boyfriend (or girlfriend). And then you gently tell them they don’t.
7. You get the awkward questions!!


One thought on “doing nothing and thinking too much!

  1. Wow that list has scared me, I can tick 4 out of 7, my baby is not a baby anymore…… time to have another! Hope you’re feeling better and chloe wasn’t sick! X x x

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